Fursa Karate Open

Welcome to the Fursa Karate Open tournament which will take place 24 February 2018 at Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi Kenya. 

Fursa Kenia Tour

The Fursa Kenia Tour 16 June 2018. 250 kms running and cycling around the IJsselmeer (The Netherlands) within 24 hours.

Other events

Take a look at the various activities we organize in The Netherlands to support Fursa, such as playing cards, golf- and karateclinics.


Fursa means 'Opportunity' in Swahili. The Fursa Foundation offers poor children in Kenya a chance for a better future through education and sport.


Thanks to donors, sponsors and schools currently 30 children attend school

Fursa sponsors: Golfbaan Spierdijk Reus Reclame Dapco De Jongens Uit Schoorl De Radiatorenhal

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